Scicomvisuals is proud to have one of its infographics published as graphical abstract in Cell Reports (volume 23, issue 13, 2018). Hanke Matlung et al show that neutrophils can kill antibody-opsonized cancer cells by a process called trogoptosis. Scicomvisuals developed the graphical abstract and the infographic in Figure 7.

This is the abstract in words:

Destruction of cancer cells by therapeutic antibodies occurs, at least in part, through antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC), and this can be mediated by various Fc-receptor-expressing immune cells, including neutrophils. However, the mechanism(s) by which neutrophils kill antibody-opsonized cancer cells has not been established. Here, we demonstrate that neutrophils can exert a mode of destruction of cancer cells, which involves antibody-mediated trogocytosis by neutrophils. Intimately associated with this is an active mechanical disruption of the cancer cell plasma membrane, leading to a lytic (i.e., necrotic) type of cancer cell death. Furthermore, this mode of destruction of antibody-opsonized cancer cells by neutrophils is potentiated by CD47-SIRPα checkpoint blockade. Collectively, these findings show that neutrophil ADCC toward cancer cells occurs by a mechanism of cytotoxicity called trogoptosis, which can be further improved by targeting CD47-SIRPα interactions.

Graphical abstracts are being used for some time already, and are now considered as a great way to summarize your research and get interest from researchers outside your expertise area. Read this interesting blog by Luk Cox, a former molecular biologist, if you are not yet convinced. Many sites provide tips and trics, but you can always ask for my help of course.