I am very proud to let you know that Maarten van der Sanden (science communication, TU Delft), Martijn van Overbruggen (WIM Ontwerpers), Dirma Janse (Studio Dirma Janse) and I have developed a master course for TU Delft, called SCIENCE VISION. This course is aimed at master students to help them understand the meaning and effect of visualization for the development of science and technology in general and for innovation processes more specifically. Martijn, Dirma and I will be teaching SCIENCE VISION, which consists of both lectures and workshops. SCIENCE VISION starts in November.


The idea started with a series of workshops, organized by Dirma, back in 2016, when we explored the value of visuals, and how they are being used in science communication. About a year ago, Maarten suggested we could gather all our discussions into a new course for master students – SCIENCE VISION was born.