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Graphical abstract in Cell Reports

Scicomvisuals is proud to have one of its infographics published as graphical abstract in Cell Reports (volume 23, issue 13, 2018). Hanke Matlung et al show that neutrophils can kill antibody-opsonized cancer cells by a process called trogoptosis. Scicomvisuals developed the graphical abstract and the infographic in Figure 7. This is the abstract

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Glass antibody

The Antibody Society organizes several scientific meetings, and hands out a prize to the best young presenter at its meeting. The prize to be won is a 3,5 kg glass structure of an antibody. SCICOMVISUALS and Geurt van Hierden helped with development and ordering of the glass structure - which in the final

2021-10-26T21:30:51+02:002 July 2018|

Inaugural speech

In recent months, Scicomvisuals developed the visual presentation for Prof. dr. Timo van den Berg's inaugural speech. Timo will hold his chair on immunotherapy at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, at the department  of molecular cell biology. Funny enough, this is where we both received our PhD's back in the '90s. While Timo was

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ADC Therapeutics explained

From December 9 to 12, ADC Therapeutics was present at the ASH conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The animation shown at the booth was developed by SCICOMVISUALS. The animation explains the mechanism-of-action of ADC Therapeutics' products. SCICOMVISUALS - Art direction, script, storyboard Geurt van Hierden - 3D animation

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ASH booth for ADCT

From December 9 to December 12, 2017, ADC Therapeutics presented the results of its latest studies at the ASH conference. Data were presented at the conference, and shown at their new booth. Scicomvisuals was very proud to help with the design of the booth display, and designed both 3.7 m-high images, and both lightboxes -

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On the cover of ADHM

Scicomvisuals is very proud to be on the cover of the October 25 (vol 6, no. 20) issue of Advanced Healthcare Materials (ADHM)! The cover belongs to a paper by Alexander Kros and co-workers, who describe how mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNs) are delivered into cells via membrane fusion thereby omitting endocytosis pathways. Fusion

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New INN is out

A perspective about the new International Nonproprietary Names (INN) for therapeutic antibodies in mAbs is online since June 16. This perspective provides the background and information needed to understand the reasons behind changing the INN. SCICOMVISUALS was asked to help with preparing the visuals for this perspective, which is now available from the mAbs website.

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Maastricht brace

Scicomvisuals developed a logo for a new innovative brace for children suffering from scoliosis - the Maastricht Brace. This brace has been developed by dr LW van Rhijn at Maastricht University. The assignment was to make a logo that is child-friendly and refers to its purpose.

2021-10-26T21:43:14+02:0021 November 2016|

Virtual lab tour live!

Recently we made a virtual lab tour for Genmab, which develops therapeutic antibodies to treat cancer.  The movie includes 3D animation to visualize their complex production process.  This movie was produced in close collaboration with Hij&Ik Productions, Geurt van Hierden and Rutger Molenkamp. Project lead, art direction, script, storyboard - SCICOMVISUALS Direction, camera, sound,

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Bart’s PhD Thesis

SCICOMVISUALS has just finished a project with Bart de Goeij. Last year, Bart asked me to develop his PhD thesis. It was a daunting task, considering the enormous amount of data figures, tables and supplementary sections. In close collaboration with De Vliegende Kiep, we developed this 224-page book, which was presented to Bart yesterday. We

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