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Journal’s favorite

MAbs Journal decided to re-use one of my previous art works as profile on its Facebook page. Always great to see that my previous work is still being liked! It was developed back in 2013, as the cover of a journal issue publishing papers about "antibody design". Rumour has it that Scicomvisuals' latest proposal will

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HexaBody in CELL

In their SELECT section, CELL pays attention to Genmab’s latest work on hexamers that was recently published in Science (CELL, Volume 157, Issue 3, p521, 24 April 2014). Scicomvisuals provided the accompanying illustration.

2021-10-26T21:46:10+02:0026 April 2014|

HexaBody tomogram

Scicomvisuals’ latest work on hexameric structures - the HexaBody tomogram - can now also be viewed on Science’s tumblr page! The visual is a 3D image of the molecular complex of the complement molecule C1q docked onto six antibodies that form a ring of six. With electron microscopy electron density can be recorded and visualized. 3D

2021-10-26T21:46:47+02:0026 March 2014|

HexaBody in Science and NRC

Genmab has published a fascinating paper in Science (vol 343, 14 March 2014)! They show that human IgGs form hexameric structures by interacting with neighboring IgG molecules, and the complex then activates complement. The accompanying illustration on the Science home page and on the volume’s editorial page (p.1175) was developed by Scicomvisuals, and can be viewed

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