ERC synergy grant

Last year I collaborated with Alexander Kros from University Leiden and Joost Reek from University of Amsterdam to develop an illustration that explains a new approach to treat glioblastoma, a deadly primary brain tumor. The illustration was included in an ERC synergy grant proposal. I am very happy to read that the proposal has

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Crossfire-Oncology uncovered

During the Summer months SCICOMVISUALS developed Crossfire-Oncology's new identity and website. This would not have been possible without the help from some true experts. LuckyLois started off with the creation of their new identity (which included logo, colors, visual elements and website design). In the meantime, GeurtvanHierden drew their new and differentiating website visual. And last

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Cavendish under threat

Last month SCICOMVISUALS had the pleasure to collaborate with Keygene. They asked me to develop a roll-up banner about the quest for resilient banana varieties. The well-known Cavendish banana is mainly under threat by two fungi, Fusarium Tropical Race 4 and Black Sigatoka. This forms a huge challenge because 80% of all consumed

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FEMS Microbiology Reviews

During April and May I had the pleasure to assist Jeroen Geurtsen and his co-workers with their overview of E. Coli genomics and pathotypes (Genomics and pathotypes of the many faces of Escherichia coli) in FEMS Microbiology Reviews. In this review, Geurtsen et al take a birds-eye view of the E. coli species, characterizing it

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In Nature Biotech

Last month Simone Oostindie and her colleagues published a wonderful paper about Genmab's HexElect technology in Nature Biotechnology. As Rob de Jong, last author, explains, "HexElect is based on pairs of antibodies that are designed to work together as a team. These teams form only on cell surfaces that express a combination of

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Cum laude

This year we finished a project for Simone Oostindie, and developed the layout of her PhD thesis entitled "Clustering: a rational design principle for potentiated antibody therapeutic". A book filled with hard-core science for which she graduated with honors! Recent publication of chapter 6 of her thesis in Nature Reviews (link to Simone's

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ISA Pharma booth

Last May I had the pleasure to develop several exhibition materials for ISA Pharma, including a few banners and a 2.30m x 4m wall. My illustration was already used on the company's website but it is always great to see my art on a large canvas. The banners are currently displayed at the

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Nasdaq tower for Biophytis

Last February SCICOMVISUALS was asked to develop a 30-sec video for the IPO of Biophytis, to be displayed on the NASDAQ tower on Time Square, NY. The time given for production was three days, which included a weekend - quite a challenge. But since we would not often get the chance to have our

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Science with Oz

For this years annual meeting, Oncode organized an art competition, to give visibility to the beauty of science. I had the honor of being in the jury with Yuva Oz to vote for the best images produced by the Oncode community this year. And this has been quite a difficult task, with so many

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Spaghettified antibody

I am thrilled to let you know that the "Spaghettified Antibody" is now exhibited in the main entrance hall at Genmab, Utrecht. After I developed the original computer model 2 years ago, Kunst & Licht & Glas in De Bilt worked very hard to capture the model in 60 glass plates. Several people

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