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  • Merus’ new corporate identity

    In collaboration with OVERHAUS, Scicomvisuals has been very busy with developing a new corporate identity and website for Merus. Their new logo visualizes the transition from technology to human – the development of biotech products for therapeutic use. Merus comes from the ancient Greek language, and literally means clean, pure. This translation has been used to…

  • Differentiating 3D visual for Cristal Therapeutics

    To further strengthen the corporate identity of Cristal Therapeutics, Scicomvisuals designed a highly differentiating 3D visual of CT’s next generation nanomedicines. For presentation at a conference booth, the image was incorporated into a newly developed roll-up display.

  • SNARE proteins explained

    I have just finished a project with Dr. Alexander Kros, from the Department of Supramolecular and Biomaterials Chemistry, at the Leiden Institute of Chemistry. The project was aimed at explaining the function of so-called SNARE proteins with consistent infographics.

  • Handbook of Therapeutic Antibodies

    Wiley’s updated comprehensive reference source for the development, production and therapeutic application of antibodies – the Handbook of Therapeutic Antibodies – will soon be available. Scicomvisuals has had the pleasure to develop the cover for this latest edition.

  • Infographics are the best way to convince

    A recent study shows infographics are by far the best way to convince even your most skeptic audience. Read this commentary by Stephen J Meyer, Persuasion: Fascinating Study Shows How To Open A Closed Mind. The original study is here. Stephen J Meyer: “Our brains privilege visual information over any other kind. More processing power is devoted to…

  • hexabody for CELL

    HexaBody in CELL

    In their SELECT section, CELL pays attention to Genmab’s latest work on hexamers that was recently published in Science (CELL, Volume 157, Issue 3, p521, 24 April 2014). Scicomvisuals provided the accompanying illustration.